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Kiwibank Limited is a subsidiary of the state-owned enterprise New Zealand Post Limited, New Zealand Superannuation and the Accident Compensation Corporation. Kiwibank provides some of its banking services through its PostShops (post offices) and more recently through financial services only branches as well. Kiwibank is owned by the New Zealand Government, with New Zealand Post owning 51% and the Accident Compensation Corporation and New Zealand Superannuation Fund owning the other 49%. The company's Board of Directors was chaired by former New Zealand Prime Minister Jim Bolger from 2001–2010. The current Chair of the Board of Directors is Jon Hartley.


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Former Employee - Senior Manager says

"Plenty to speak of but choose not to."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Massive brain drain as good people are leaving due to poor management practices No clear strategy, senior leadership missing in action, no diversity, all talk and zero action. Various departments are toxic environments, bullying is rife, people being promoted into management roles without adequate training, skills or support. High dependency on employee 'discretionary effort' with little recognition, this is encouraged by leadership. Most people are highly stressed, working ridiculous hours doing the work of multiple people, lumbered with inappropriate unattainable deadlines. Complete lack of support for employees."


"The level of incompetence at this place astounds me. The whole place is filled with middle management that know little apart from how to manage up to cover up their incompetence. There is absolutely no direction given but if you don't perform on this indirection you will be targeted. If you don't agree with the toxic layer of management expect to be put on performance review which is often little more than an attempt at constructive dismissal. No one trusts anyone. Restructures are every few months and restructures to reverse previous restructures are constant. If a good senior manager is found to shake the place up they are soon disposed of."


"Shocking management. Unproffesional. Shocking with security for customers accounts."

contractor (Former Employee) says

"I worked for Kiwibank as a contractor for over a year. The organisation has poor workplace culture and work life balance. Cons: Poor culture and work life balance"

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"My daily work is great, being able to communicate and help people. My job is to answer questions and make their banking experience easier, better and cheaper, providing a tailor made solution for problems. Co-workers are a good mix and good to work with, even if they are younger than I am. Management is management. My direct team leader is a star. Hardest part of the job is providing solutions to angry customers that have to wait 40min plus in the queues because management don't want to help providing more staff to cope with the workload during the night shift. Queues overload, as on average only 7 staff to man the call centre with queues of 80 to over 150 waiting. Most enjoyable part is touching peoples daily life , helping the people making changes to get maximum benefits by saving time, saving money and making banking easy and a pleasure. Cons: currently working night shift with almost no chance of changing although promised."

Customer Service Officer (Current Employee) says

"too much pressure from senior staff."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"The banking part is really good and enjoyable the helpdesk team are amazing but with the amount of work i do the pay is no where near enough. It is most definately the lowest out of all the branches for a CSR manager. Its absolutely shocking. Cons: Heavy lifting ebery night closing"

Associate Product Manager (Former Employee) says

"I worked as part of a Product Team in this role. I worked with very intelligent and personable people. There was a strong variety to the work and a lot of opportunities to lead the delivery of business outcomes. It was also a fun and enjoyable environment."

Solutions Assistant (Current Employee) says

"This job is fun and every day is different which is what I enjoy."

Head of Talent (Current Employee) says

"Kiwibank has some great people working within however it has many growing pains with trying to grow into a bigger bank. The bank needs to grow in change maturity. Meanwhile the bank does have a heart for NZ Cons: Change adverse"

Ian Walker says

"We are finally changing to ANZ platinum card. I am so fed up with waiting on Kiwibank's customer service to answer the phone, it I s am minimum of 30 minutes, mostly over 45, then you get hung up and start all over again. I also don't like the fact that we paid off our balances every month but one month we missed the payment by $10. We were charged $80 interest and after waiting an hour to speak to someone were told that if we didn't pay the whole balance we paid interest on the whole amount of $2000 not the $10 that was left and this is just simply not the case. Sorry Kiwibank your service needs to improve so much."

Jason Hughes says

"Kiwibank has somehow let me go into overdraft, which usually would be impossible. I sent a message on my internet banking and they said I had a debt to someone which I knew and that money gets put aside pending payment after 3 to 4 days and is visible on my internet banking, but is never available for withdrawal. After 5 days it was no longer visible so I naturally thought it had been paid. 7 days later I am put into overdraft which kiwibank will then charge me another $10 for account out of order. I am not to blame for this. Go to hell kiwibank."

Hking says

"Had my account hacked. Had to phone them to tell them it was happening. Got accused of signing up to something insecure ?. I couldn’t have as I had been working all that day for 14hrs and the previous. Asked the customer girl to cancel my card. Wasted 30 mins trying to get through to get this to happen. Next day hacked again another 20 plus minutes to wait to tell them. This time nice girl spoke to the fraud team and assured me they were aware and I was secure now my card was cancelled and didn’t need to freeze my account. On the Sunday am checked my account was hacked again by the same people. Called the bank and she spoke to the fraud team only to tell me that the card hadn’t been cancelled for internet transaction. All the transactions were internet ones. If I hadn’t called them 3 times and monitored my only accounts would they ever have coped on. Useless. I now have to move bank as I will never trust thief security again. What security?"

Tracey says

"I called on Saturday, took over half an hour to get through only to be advised they couldn't access what my closing balance would be and to call back Monday. I called back Monday and another half hour to get through which I was advised they cannot close my account until payment shows up which will be in a couple of hours and to call back. I then called back which this time took 1hr and 1 minute to get through, I find their response time is appalling. I did however get a lovely and apologetic person, but that in total took me over 2 hours phone time to try and close my account"